STYLE GURU STYLE: Furry and Fierce

As a Style Guru you always have to be aware of the latest trends. Watching the seasonal runway shows helps you see what cutting-edge fashions are coming out next. One of my favorite trends that has remained in style is fur, and lots of it. Marc Jacobs played on this trend in his fall 2015 ready-to-wear runway show collection. This show displayed edgy trends with fur, tulle, bold prints and patterns. I love to stray from the ordinary and this runway collection effortlessly does that. Because I loved this look so much, I had to try it out for myself.

Being on a college campus, I find ways to be subtly stylish with dramatic pieces. Most students dress casually for class and as much as I would love rocking a fur around campus like a young Cookie Lyon, I would stand out to say the least. Luckily, there are ways to incorporate this trend in a way that is not over the top. Fur collars and cuffs are an easy way to integrate fur into your wardrobe. These pieces are transferable so they can be added to any jacket or sweater for a new look.

Coats, blazers and vest were also seen throughout Marc Jacob’s line, so it only felt right to tie one of these pieces into my look. For long walks across campus during the winter, I prefer wearing a heavier coat to keep me warm. This being said, I chose my go-to peacoat when creating my look. Peacoats are a personal necessity for my fall and winter wardrobe; they pair perfectly with my boots and gave the element of structure I wanted to complement my fur collar.

Finally, any fall or winter look is not complete without a pair of boots. The tall boots were one of my favorite aspects from this runway collection. The casual, yet sultry, pairing of thigh-high boots with a long fitted peacoat gave me chills. I went with a more conservative pair of boots because as much as I love thigh-high boots, they come with even higher heels. The aspect of high heels and lengthy campus walks does not mesh well with me. To complete the look I was going for, I added my “bonjour” clutch for a personal flair.

Get My Look: 1. A fur collar and/or cuff. 2. Your favorite coat, vest or blazer. 3. A pair of tall boots.