As a girl who lives in New York City, finding what to wear to go out can be a hassle. It all depends on if I’m walking or taking a cab to my destination. If I’m taking the subway, I’m wearing flats to save me the embarrassment, but if I’m taking a Uber I’ll most definitely wear heels. Uber is a mobile app cab service that people use nationwide to get themselves cabs.

In the photos above I’m dressed in an opened toe, low heel shoes because I’m taking an Uber to my destination. Based on my observations females who live in Brooklyn or the Bronx from the age group 18 and older are unable to walk in particular heeled shoes for the whole night. So they’ll buy designer sneakers such as Giuseppe, Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton so they’ll be more comfortable. They’ll wear them with distressed jeans or a nice bodycon dress that will complement the shoe. Although I am from Brooklyn, I have a different type of style, and I wouldn’t wear a pair of designers sneakers with a bodycon dress.

After I figured out what I was wearing on my feet, the next step is to think about what outfit I want to wear for the evening. If I’m going to a club or a party I usually wear a cute, sexy midi bodycon skirt with a beautiful blouse or crop top. But if I’m going to an event such as a fashion show, a small gathering, or a rap concert, I will wear something stylish and comfortable. In the photos above I was going to a fashion exhibition on 28th street so I decided to wear a long sleeve denim shirt from H&M with distressed light blue jeans from Necessary Clothing and a shearling coat from Topshop. This outfit is considered a semi-casual but also stylish look.