If someone asked me for the style advice I live by, I would say two things: keep it simple and incorporate black. Even though fashion is all about expressing your personal style, you can literally never go wrong by following these two rules. My outfit from a few days ago personified this advice; I had one piece that stood out in a sea of simplicity and black was the color that tied everything together. Style can be super simple and kept pretty casual while still incorporating some current trends that you love.

This day was abnormally cold for New Orleans in March, so I decided to wear a thick knit sweater. My black, slightly off-the-shoulder sweater is a piece that every girl should have in their closet because it goes with everything and is perfect alone or for layering. The staple piece of this outfit was my fringe jeans—I bought these a few weeks ago and am so obsessed with them! Fringe is a really big trend for spring and jean designs lately have been getting even more unique and high-end by the minute. I think the fringe on these medium-wash jeans give them a fun flair and stands out more than your basic skinny jean. I paired them with some black and tan striped sneakers that are easy to slip on and added a little bit of pattern to my outfit. I wore some basic jewelry, including a black and gray beaded choker that accessorized the outfit a little more.

I like to keep my outfits super simple while at the same time showcasing styles that I think are cool and fun. The trend of funky jeans like my fringe ones is definitely going to be huge in the coming months and this is just one of the million ways you can wear them! I was comfortable in this outfit and still felt like a true Fashionista; what more can a girl ask for?


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