With fashion trends coming and going so often, it can be challenging to remain true to your style. At times, I find myself lost due to the overwhelming amount of options us Fashionistas/os find while flipping through magazines and scrolling through our Instagram feed. When introducing a trend to my wardrobe, I make sure to trust my instinct to be authentic. I believe there is no right or wrong when it comes to your own sense of style.

I decided to put together an outfit that involves simple but interesting pieces while remaining true to myself. No matter what your daily schedule looks like, you can never go wrong with a jacket that has detail. You’re about to be comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

For shoes, I went with the very popular over-the-knee boot. Over-the-knee boots can easily be dressed up or dressed down. With ths outfit, I wanted to create a more casual look. Wearing a solid colored jacket that has a unique detail allows this ensemble to become an everyday look without over doing it. Lastly, I completed my outfit with a Chanel clutch. This clutch is timeless and pairs with almost everything in my closet.

Fashion is a way for us to express who we are as individuals. We can choose to be classic with our style or step outside of our comfort zone. I highly encourage everyone to continue experimenting with their fashion, whether it’s different patterns, materials or accessories. Most importantly, always embrace who you are as a Fashionista/o because there is no one else like you!