STYLE GURU STYLE: Forever Iconic

We all know that Jeremy Scott, the successor of Franco Moschino, has the power to turn any ordinary look into a fun and iconic one. His collections always stand out with cool accessories and creative details. And of course, the fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection could not have been any different from the rest; it was very unique and playful. The collection, which was mainly inspired on the Looney Tunes characters, was a literal success.

I love wearing outfits that are different and eclectic and then adding a feminine touch to it, which is the reason why I decided to get inspiration from this specific collection. Then, I incorporated the Moschino playfulness into my look, by wearing a very fun urban outfit while walking around the streets of San Luis Obispo, California. I invested on a Looney Tunes-inspired black shirt and a Tasmanian devil sweatshirt to bring out the Moschino feel into my look. You can never go wrong with high-waisted jeans and a nice Italian-inspired, black pair of boots to complete an urban outfit, which is the main reason why I chose these items for a perfect fall day.

I also added on some Moschino inspired bling to top off my look and bring a delicate feel to it with the beige bracelet, gold rings and the light brown purse. Don’t be afraid of playing with your outfit and trying out different pieces of clothing and accessories. It might end up looking cooler than you think!

Get My Look: 1. Looney Tunes shirt. 2. High-waisted jeans. 3. Black boots.