STYLE GURU STYLE: Floral Print On The Run

After 10 years of collaboration, Stella McCartney and adidas are still killing it together. The recent runway show put on by this duo featured more stylish workout clothes that are cute enough to wear around town and not just to the gym. Stella McCartney’s collection for adidas was the first athletic pieces to turn the workout look chic. The athletic gear has a feminine twist, incorporating lace and floral. This collection features the beloved seamless tights that every woman wants but with floral patterns, two-toned colors and more. I love that the designs are both stylish and great for athletic performance. Women are encouraged to workout and can look fashionable doing it. Though I’m not a huge girly girl, I must admit that I love both floral and lace (two designs that are traditionally feminine), so I was immediately drawn to the floral print leggings and lace-lined running shorts.

As a college student who is constantly running from place to place, it’s not always so easy to find time to exercise, and sometimes the only available time is in between classes. This means wearing workout clothes to class a lot…I mean a lot. Just because I’m wearing athletic gear to class, however, does not mean I don’t still want to look cute.

Today, I tried out the look and wore gray, black and pink floral athletic tights with a plain black studio top and sports bra. I paired this look with running sneakers and a puffy white adidas jacket for warmth. The seamless leggings kept my athletic look interesting and chic but were still extremely comfortable and flexible for my run.

This spring 2015 show inspired me to add patterned athletic tights to my wardrobe instead of sticking with the same old black pair. This one change can transform the athletic look into one that’s also fashion-forward and wearable outside of the yoga studio or gym.

Get My Look: 1. Floral print tights. 2. A black studio top. 3. Running sneakers.