January 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Once in a while I tend to wake up and feel like looking sporty, laid-back or very girly. However, there are some days when I wake up wanting to incorporate different styles into one outfit. This ensemble is proof of those days. Inspired by the linear print, feminine pieces and flowy cuts of Halston Heritage spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, that made it very easy to combine different moods.

Because I was inspired by the movement of the pieces, I decided to wear a skater skirt. The skirt was my feminine touch to the whole ensemble. As for the print, I was impressed by how the designer incorporated straight lines into such looks without making it look stiff. Still, I wanted my look to have different pieces that represented various styles. The skirt was very structured and crisp white so I wanted to contrast it with something very smooth looking yet not very feminine. A boyfriend long sleeve T-shirt will do the trick! Plus, it goes well with the theme of the look book because of the linear print. The comfy cotton T-shirt was my way to incorporate a laid-back feel to the outfit.

Now, for my favorite part of any outfit, accessorizing. For me, it is all about the embellishment of the look and most importantly, making it my own. I woke up feeling like mixing it up with sporty vibes, feminine pieces with a laid-back touch. For the shoes, I have used and abused my Nikes. They are the comfiest shoes and they stand in the fine line between casual and sporty sneakers so they are perfect to incorporate into any outfit. My bag was the girliest addition to this equation. The gold chain and leather material also gave my look a little bit of elegance. Last but not least, I am currently obsessed with wearing a bandana as a scarf. I got inspired by Leandra Medine, founder of the fashion website The Man Repeller, who wears bandanas as scarves and on the wrists. I thought it was clever and it makes a good contrast with the lines on the T-shirt.

There you have it. Whenever you feel like wearing half of your closet, just pick pieces that represent different styles that can go together and mix up pretty well. Follow a pattern of colors, mix and match prints and most importantly, add a personal touch so that your personality doesn’t go unnoticed in your ensemble.

Get My Look: 1. A crisp skater skirt. 2. A pair of killer sneakers. 3. Oversized striped T-shirt.