STYLE GURU STYLE: Festive Footwear

Remember those boots you wore on Christmas Eve? They’re more versatile than you think. The seasons are now transitioning, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Just when you thought you had to pack up all your winter apparel, think again. Give those suede, thigh-high boots a second life.

To turn these boots into a spring/summer fashion statement, pair it with high-waisted denim shorts and a bodysuit. That way, your outfit won’t look weather confused but rather cool and put together. Spice it up and add some pattern to this neutral outfit with a camouflage military jacket. This look may be bold, but you could easily wear it to a concert or throw on the jacket to go out to lunch.

If the thigh-high boots are too much for you, pair this outfit with tan, suede ankle boots. You could add more accessories, such as a gold choker, if you chose to go with the lower cut boots. However, I chose to wear these boots because they make me feel fierce and confident.

With my busy school schedule, this outfit allows me to go from day to night without having to change. Not only can I wear it, but people of all shapes and sizes can pull this outfit off because as the jacket ties around your waist, it slims and then drives your eyes outward to give you that hourglass figure.

As we reach the start of summer, try to rethink some of those fall/winter clothes that you are about to put away because they may allow you to create some awesome outfits and save you some money. The next time you are about to buy something new for summer, think of all the innovative ways you can wear and recycle your clothing into new creations.