STYLE GURU STYLE: Falling For Fall

December 9th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Falling For Fall

It’s my favorite time of the year, late fall! My walks to class are a lot more enjoyable because of the beautiful views of the leaves on the trees. I love the sound of the leaves crunching under my new Steve Madden boots. My go-to class look for this fall has been a big sweater, circle scarf and my riding boots. I love putting on a pair of leg warmers or knee socks under the boots to make them stand out.

I usually buy a pair of good quality riding boots every three years. I believe it is worth it to spend more money on a good pair of riding boots because they are such a universal pair of shoes. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or leggings for class when you don’t want to completely bum it out in sweats. They are also perfect for when you are going out to dinner with your family, or for going out at night with your friends. I love Steve Madden boots because they do not fall apart within one season’s use, and they always have an aspect of them to make the boot itself stand out. The pair that I just bought lace up and tie in the back. I am so happy every time I get a compliment about the laces because that is the reason why they stood out to me.

The big circle scarf that is pictured was a great price from Forever 21. Big circle scarves can be expensive from many department stores and boutiques, but I was able to find this trendy plaid scarf, which is also very cozy and warm, online at Forever 21. When it comes to scarves, I almost always buy them with a pattern because the shirts and jackets that I wear under them are typically a solid color.

Fall is the season in which I can express myself through what I wear the most. The season starts off in shorts and sweaters or dresses and cardigans. As mid-October comes and the leaves start changing colors, so does my wardrobe. My skirts turn into boyfriend jeans and my tops turn into leather biker jackets and green army jackets. Enjoy the last licks of fall fashion while it is here.