Fall is here! I would like to tell and show all you fabulous Fashionistas about my fall fashion. For fall I love oversized everything. From sweaters to cardigans, I will even find myself in the men’s section at Forever 21 buying a over sized long sleeve T-shirt to wear as a dress. I also love searching through both of my parents’ closets and seeing what I can make out of it.

My jean jacket/cardigan is actually my dad’s, I found it laying in the back of his closet. I love jean for the fall because I feel like it brings out the most in fall colors which are usually a little bit more darker and natural compared to summer and spring. I used it for a pop of color in a sense.

My all time favorite article of clothing though for fall are THIGH-HIGH BOOTS! I cannot get enough of them. Both heeled and flat I wear them all. I usually go to thigh-high boots rather than going to tights because they make your legs look longer and  keeps you warmer than tights would.

Here my boots are suede which I also love. Suede can give such a chic and classy look without looking like you are trying too hard. I also own a suede dress and a couple of suede shirts. Suede is also super comfortable and super soft so you can wear it all day whether you are going to class or going out on the town.

I love fall fashion, fall colors and fabrics! Even though I am more of a summer person, as the weather becomes cooler the anticipation of fall fashion makes me look forward to fall weather.