STYLE GURU STYLE: Embroidery, Leather, and Velvet

It’s the final month of the school year and you’re either beyond excited for summer break or to finally graduate. I am definitely of the latter, but I have to admit that I am devastated that after three years, my time with CollegeFashionista is coming to an end. Many of us seniors have big plans for after graduation, like moving to a new city, but students everywhere will have plans that include traveling for the summer.

Summer means exploring new places and adventure, and I kept this in mind when I styled today’s outfit. Lately, I’ve been really into embracing my Japanese side (I lived in Japan for 20 years), and I fell in love with this white T-shirt. Embroidery has been a major trend, and since we’re used to mainly seeing embroidered florals or words, I liked the uniqueness of the cranes. They give a very clean, mature vibe to the simple T-shirt. I tied the top and wore it as a crop top which is one of my favorite types of clothing to wear during the warmer months. The crop top transformation makes the outfit more casual and adds an effortless touch.

I channeled my inner #girlboss with a black leather skirt. This gives some edge to the look and is a great piece to have in your closet because it’s so versatile. The skirt is also a really good length for many different occasions and is comfortable enough to wear all day. I know I walk around a lot when I travel, so I paired it all with my Fenty x Puma creepers that I am still obsessing over. These are the ultimate street style shoe if you ask me, and the velvet adds another texture while the deep red adds a splash of bold color. For accessories, I’ve been really liking this mini backpack. It holds everything I need and is perfect for traveling because you’ll have both your arms free! Mini bags in general are also another trend. I used this backpack recently and it really made a difference, especially at the airport.

Style a T-shirt and skirt with a pair of killer shoes (flat of course!), ditch the oversize handbag for a trendy mini bag, and you’re set for a day’s worth of exploring a new city. Mix and match different textures to make things interesting and make your look unique while keeping the foundation of your outfit really simple.

Slay in your outfits, take lots of pictures, and have an amazing summer!