STYLE GURU STYLE: Dude, Are You Nude?

January 12th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Dude, Are You Nude?

Kanye ‘Yeezy’ West has inspired America to go nude and neutral. And no, I don’t mean naked and stagnant. His first and second Yeezy Season fashion shows brought trendsetters and trend takers into a whole new world of browns, creams, pastel pinks, burgundy, and army greens. His unique way of layering, showcasing the trendiness in wearing destroyed clothes, and his love for tight fitted outfits combined with any pair of the Yeezy collection shoes has given the fashion industry and any fashion lover a run for their money.

This on going circulation of nude palate clothing was my muse for this outfit. So, I ask again: dude, are you nude? If your answer is “no” with a side of “I have on colors that match my skin tone,” then you’re in the right place for some style advice. Ironically, this question was actually posed to me on the day of my photo shoot. My mom had a maintenance man scheduled to come to my house to fix our bookshelf. As I came downstairs from my room in the loft, or as I like to call it, the greatest hiatus, my aunt stopped in her tracks and said, “OMG! Are you nude?” She stopped, took a second look and said, “Oh. I thought you were naked and the maintenance man is here.” We both paused, and then busted out in laughter as she realized I was far from nude. I was actually fully clothed, in the nude.

For starters, turtlenecks are a basic necessity for my winter wardrobe. This light brown fitted turtleneck gave my outfit a sleek and slender look. Anything fitted will accentuate your curves and show how you can rock your natural shape. Pairing this with my corduroy cream leggings was a perfect match. These colors complement each other so well. Lastly, my Yeezy Season 2 inspired, lightly tanned thigh-high peep-toe heels nearly completed my look.

Accessories are, as DJ Khaled would say, a major key. Looking for ways to spruce up your two-toned outfit? Add a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, or a headband to give that outfit the limit push that it needs. My mood chains, gold choker, and gold and black dangling earrings added extra spice to my tan-toned outfit.

This look can be worn just about anywhere. Pair it with a blazer? Here’s your work outfit. Partying tonight? We’ve got the look for you right here. Ready to rip the runway? Well, you can’t go wrong with this combination. As Kanye would say, “I just want to bring as much beauty to the world as possible. I’m only 21 years old.”