So far this year, I’ve discovered the beauty of my extra personality and just how much I enjoy dramatic fashion moments within my own wardrobe. I’ve written before about how I actively buck the accepted norms of men’s fashion, especially in the Midwest.

I’ve found a sort of odd confidence in wearing clothing that’s so out of the latitude of acceptance for most men in my hometown and the other men my age I go to school with. It’s not uncommon for me to be in some sort of objectively “weird” outfit these days, and while it may not be something that’s totally understood by my peers and the people I pass by on the daily, it makes me a topic of conversation a good chunk of the time.

Honestly, I now really enjoy being talked about, because as an aspiring business owner and brand figure, this keeps me relevant and proves to me that I’m doing something right.

Lately, I’ve been really into stepping up my professional wardrobe, and I started with swapping out a traditional blazer for a cape. With my odd proportions, the only way I won’t have fit issues would be if I had something tailor made, and on my budget, that’s not happening anytime soon. I’ve also been playing with blocked prints a little bit as well, and this shirt is an example of how it’s done well.

The combination of the two works for my style on so many levels because it’s a nod to a more classic look, but, of course, it adds an element of drama that I’ve chosen to make a mainstay in my personal style. Putting them together with a simple pair of slacks and some brown ankle boots only further adds to the classic look.

Of everything in this look, my favorite piece has to be the ribbon belt. I’m really not a belt-wearer because I have to get my pants taken in a ton (#tinywaistprobs), but the color combination and the fun twist on a common men’s staple really appeals to me. Fun fact: the belt is also unisex so there’s a lot of room for mobility in your wardrobe with one like this, which is always a huge plus.

High school level drama may be a royal pain in the neck, but I’m incredibly lucky to have learned fairly early on into my adult life that little moments like the ones I’ve had as of late can be retooled into a positive direction, and I hope that you all find a way to squeeze a little bit of that good drama into your lives.