STYLE GURU STYLE: Discovering You

STYLE GURU STYLE: Discovering You

Welcome back! Or if you’re new here, hello! My name is Brookelynn and I am a sophomore at Kent State University in Ohio studying fashion merchandising.

In my STYLE GURU BIO, I mentioned a few reasons why I am enthusiastic about being involved in the fashion industry; one of them being my admiration for individualized style. My least favorite question to be asked is, “how would you describe your style in one word?” How can anyone do that? Style is something so personal and complex, it simply cannot be described in one word or bundled into a single category. One day you may wake up and want to throw on a sundress and heeled booties, and the next you could feel like wearing a men’s XL thrifted flannel and track shorts. Or, as I did this morning before my 8:45 a.m. class, you could subconsciously draw inspiration from emo high schoolers and pair three black and white patterned pieces. That’s what style is all about!

I believe I started to key in on my own style in high school. Those four years were filled with changes, both good and bad. But amidst the teen angst was a lot of self discovery. I never felt like myself when I was dressing certain ways just because my friends and peers were. This lead me to branch out with what I wore and look in non-conventional places for outfits that felt more ‘me.’ Luckily I found a few, and I never looked back.

Although I am undergoing this constant transformation just like everyone else, one thing will forever remain in my closet—pants that don’t feel like pants. There is something so satisfying about finding the perfect cozy pair of elastic waist joggers at Goodwill. This particular pair is thin enough that I can wear them through the summer with a graphic tank or add a chunky sweater and booties for the fall. Yay versatility! My adorable eyeball flats are from Lulu’s and instantly add a little spunk to any outfit I throw on; same goes for my holy grail Herschel backpack. This “summertime goth” look would not be complete without some space buns of course. Anyone out there with curly hair knows how tough it can be to get your hair to cooperate with you in the morning. This quick and easy style is perfect, and makes it seem like you put in a lot of effort. Doesn’t get any better than that.

My most valuable piece of advice when it comes to discovering your own style is to never be afraid of standing out. If you stumble upon a wild piece and think to yourself, “Would I ever wear this?”, buy it. Wear it. Own it. You’ll look great no matter what.