For those who know me, I’m a notorious risk-taker when it comes to my daily outfit choices. From adventurous colors to crazy hairstyles, I’m always up for something fresh and new. With fresh and new being a sort of theme for this spring, I’ve found myself pushing the envelope a lot more than usual.

Typically, bright colors are always on trend when the weather begins to warm up. I took on a bold pink chiffon button-up while spending the day seeing some sights over spring break. But that wasn’t the craziest part of my ensemble. Maybe I was pulling inspiration from that the classic Western-inspired Chanel pre-fall 2014, but denim on denim is back. You can quote me on it.

With distressed denim always popping up on all of our favorite celebrities, I realized this key classic piece was missing from my own wardrobe. I took scissors to an old pair of light wash skinny jeans and DIYed some ripped jeans of my own, all with the help of YouTube of course. Clearly, it may be easier to just buy the jeans pre-distressed like a pair of boyfriend jeans.

With all arts and crafts aside, this look did not feel complete with just the blouse and the jeans. Feeling spontaneous, I threw on a light wash denim button-up to take the look from safe to risky in just one step. I know some readers may think that denim on denim ended when Brittany and Justin broke up, but like all good things fashion always seems to repeat itself.

Now, this may not be something that everyone is prepared to experiment with just yet. Even just attempting to incorporate denim into your closet with a basic denim button-up with some bangles or rings as accessories is an improvement over boring T-shirts and leggings. Be adventurous with your everyday looks and try to think out of the box.

Get My Look: 1. Denim button-up. 2. Bangles. 3. Boyfriend jeans.