STYLE GURU STYLE: Denim for Days

The use of denim has far surpassed anyone’s imagination. What used to only be used for bottoms is now the most versatile fabric in anyone’s closet. Designers continue use denim to create dresses, shirts, jackets and jumpsuits. For J Brand spring ready-to-wear collection, head designer, Mary Bruno, created a line solely using light-weight denim and the dyeing of different cottons to resemble denim. The key to this particular line was to keep the denim light, airy and comfortable for those who wanted to wear denim through the hot days of summer.

Being that I absolutely love denim, this line gave me great inspiration. I paired high cuffed jeans with a flowy, pinstriped button-down. I chose this particular shirt because it not only complemented my jeans nicely and kept that denim vibe seen throughout the line, but the material of the shirt kept my outfit super light. The shirt was very flowy and allowed air in, protecting me from possibly drowning in my own sweat.

To give my look that extra layer, I threw on my favorite ripped jean jacket. This jacket looks great over everything, and I love the look of layering denim with denim. To finalize the look I put on my pale gold, slip-on sneakers. The sneakers makes the entire outfit more suitable for everyday wear while also adding lots of comfort. Lastly, because it is almost summer, no outfit is complete without sunglasses.

As the days get hotter, I start to sweat just thinking about denim. However, thanks to J Brand’s inspiration, you can still wear your favorite pieces without over heating. Mix it up and add some flowy denim to your wardrobe! Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Get My Look: 1. Cuffed jeans. 2. Striped button-down. 3. Jean jacket.