What do flared jeans, flannels, and combat boots all have in common?

They are all pieces that have been trendy throughout different generations. Sometimes they come back in style, and other times they stay in the past (although my favorite extra-large blue flannel will always be timeless to me). When these pieces get put on the backburner, the fashion world makes room for new trends. One of my favorite newer trends is the button-front denim skirt.

I chose a button-front skirt of light-wash denim because the light-wash contrasts a lot of darker or brighter colors, like the turquoise of the turtleneck top that I tucked into the skirt. This particular denim piece is already on its way to becoming a staple in every girl’s closet due to its ability to match with nearly everything, and the buttons add a flicker of boldness to an ordinary denim skirt.

I added a statement necklace with a lighter shade of turquoise to make the shirt stand out more, as opposed to just leaving it as an ordinary shirt. I love the turtleneck touch as well, due to the fact that it makes the outfit look even bolder; it is not just your average plain t-shirt.

I personally love cross-body bags because of how easy they are to carry around, and I picked a purse with a neutral color to match the neutral gold of the sandals that I wore. Neutral accessories would flow best with this outfit not because they necessarily match perfectly, but because they don’t draw enough attention to take away from the main features of the outfit. However, they compliment it nicely.

Overall, denim skirts are definitely trendy, but adding a unique top or different types of jewelry is a great way to make this popular piece your own!