May 20th, 2015 at 2:10am

Spring can be a thoroughly taxing period for many students as spring fever, summer blues and college finals wring out every last ounce of mental physique in our bodies. This can oftentimes spawn into a much needed detoxification. Celebrate your mind’s rejuvenation and the tenacity of your moxie through your fabulous style. One look deemed hot for spring is distressed denim, particularly channeled through grungy patterns and boyish silhouettes. Madewell’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection portrayed this aggressive animation in the most exquisite manner. A plethora of plaid dominated the entire line through cool hues and boxy contouring. Jean jackets and pants were slashed open and the slashes were filled with contrasting textures, as though there were a shimmering underlife within the fantastically grungy exterior of the garments.

I decided to integrate a similar color pattern and grungy ambience into this rather refreshing ensemble. Exemplifying some of the finest styles for distressing, I utilized high waists, boyfriend cuts and ankle crops. These particular boyfriend crop jeans are delightfully dilapidated with sharp shade contrasting and a sky high waist. These chic styles effuse a refreshingly cool vibe, begetting a modern outfit with an upscale normcore air. Distressed jeans are the optimal addition to your denim dossier for spring and summer. In light, faded washes they exude a comfy, worn-in vibe and fit impeccably with the bright airiness of the season. Most significantly, they emanate a powerfully invigorating vibe, analogous to the spring season and the much needed de-stressing of ones mind.

To further consolidate the grungy demeanor, I added a boxy, collared crop top in a structured, plaid pattern. The top’s boxy shape offsets the pant’s severe lacerations, providing a substantial balance for a wholly more modern look. I topped it all off with a particularly unique KORS Michael Kors bag. This one is refreshingly original as it is clothed in denim throughout, as opposed to the archetypal leather. Brown leather detailing braids itself throughout the borders, with gold highlights to further dramatize its impression. I correlated these two elements into my outfit with a braided leather belt and a pair of gold Steve Madden flatforms. These bring a touch of warmth into its cool, grungy counterbalance, accommodating a variety of aesthetically pleasing details.

Get My Look: 1. Heavily distressed denim jeans. 2. A golden pair of Steve Madden flatforms. 3. A denim KORS Michael Kors bag.