STYLE GURU STYLE: Cute and Comfy

Ever since I can remember I have always been changing my style and conforming it based off of what inspires me and what I feel good in. I have never been one to keep a style going because I know that soon enough I will fall in love with something totally different.  This look is different because it is composed of a few things I have always loved and that have always stayed in my wardrobe.

This outfit is simple yet trendy, which is something I have always incorporated into what I am wearing. I am a strong believer in the fact that you don’t have to be uncomfortable to look put together. The soft pink turtleneck adds such a girly touch to the otherwise laid back look. The slight ruffle detail on the ends of the sleeves and at the collar brings a subtle feminine touch to the outfit. Now, the jeans are not something I would normally wear because I usually do not love how they feel. I made an exception for these because they are jeggings and I love the double panel denim with the artist cut on the bottom. Totally comfortable, wearable, and interestingly unique for a pair of jeans.

White sneakers are a staple piece for me. I know they are totally easy to get mud and whatever else all over them, but they look so sleek. They match anything and are totally comfortable and can dress down any outfit to make it look playful and relaxed. I have always tried to get into the big purse trend but have never been able to love it. So, that is why I opted for the adorable small crossbody bag. It is perfect for on the go and has just enough room for your phone, money, a lipstick, and a few other essentials! I thought I would top the outfit off with my glasses (yes these are prescription). Since the fake glasses look is in now I thought it was fitting to add it to the outfit. The great thing is this is such a cheap accessory that you can find just about anywhere and it adds a cute spunky aspect to your look.

So, with all of that being said, comfort and style are something that I believe can always go hand in hand. I love mixing girly items with laid back pieces to create a look that is universal for whatever I am doing. Fashion is something that should be fun and always make you feel good in what you are wearing.