STYLE GURU STYLE: Cozy Blanket Scarf

November 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

This past summer I spent a month in Argentina studying abroad while it was fall there. I got to enjoy the fall leaves, sweaters and of course my favorite—blanket scarves. Blanket scarves were a staple for me in Argentina because they were perfect for a day out on the town or a night spent studying. I even used it as an actual blanket when we couldn’t get our heat to work. When I made it back to America, I was excited for the summer sun, but I was a little sad I had to hide away my trusty fall clothes.

Just recently, it got cold enough for sweaters and scarves, and I couldn’t have been happier. This outfit shows some of my go-to fall pieces, like long sweaters, jeggings, tall riding boots and a blanket scarf! I was always a little intimidated by blanket scarves because I never knew how to wear them or what to wear them with. I like to fold my blanket scarf in half, tie the ends and wear it like an infinity scarf. I personally love pairing my blanket scarves with either a long sleeved dress or a simple sweater like the one I am wearing.

When you go shopping for your fall and winter clothing, make sure to stop and get a blanket scarf. They definitely come to the rescue to make an outfit complete and to keep you warm during cool fall days. They are very popular this fall, and you can find one pretty much anywhere.