STYLE GURU STYLE: Comfort and Denim

Warm weather gets me so excited because I know that I can start pulling out some of my favorite summer pieces. Although, I was born in the winter I enjoy the summer 10 times more. Reasons being I can finally take off several layers, show a little skin, and be very comfortable. I’ve packed away all my sweaters and heavy coats and pulled out my crop tops and sandals. I’m definitely ready for sunshine.

Sometimes I consider myself a denim hoarder because nine times out of ten while going shopping I run straight to the denim section. I always feel like I don’t own enough when in fact I do. My collection includes skinny, leggings, girlfriend, and boyfriend jeans (what’s the difference again?). Surprisingly, a few months ago I finally found denim overalls that fit me in all the right areas while still having a little bit of bagginess to it. All winter long, I wore dark denim so I made sure to purchase the light/medium wash so that it matched my summer ready vibe.

The best part about these overalls is that it can easily be a transitional piece from day to night. But, for this look I paired it with my black and white striped crop top. I love stripes because they go with everything. It accentuated my look and gave it the perfect balance between my overalls adding texture and the bold pattern. I don’t often wear lots of jewelry, so I wore my feathery statement earrings. I even traded in my plain black flats for these extremely bold chunky link chain sneakers. Did I mention they’re platform and so comfortable?

All summer long I plan to stick to my comfort and denim. But, I’ll amp up my look by taking more risk between my quirky shoe selection and accessories styles. You should too! You never know what will work for you.