STYLE GURU STYLE: Cold Shoulders

STYLE GURU STYLE: Cold Shoulders

Hello lovelies! I’m back and I have a treat for you. Summer is coming to an end and that means chillier weather and colorful leaves are on their way. But, I’m not ready to give up summer just yet.

This summer was all about cold shoulders and humid days. Off-the-shoulder anything is a popular trend and I am reveling in it! Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses galore! This style can be played up or down, depending on how you feel that day. And in this look, I decided to go a little edgy.

My summer uniform has been an off-the-shoulder top with some cute cut-offs and a choker to “tie” everything together. First off, the top is the star of this look. It’s simple but screams edgy at the same time. It could really be used for any occasion: dress it up with a cute skirt and be flirty or dress it down with some boyfriend jeans and be relaxed. Off-the-shoulder is a trend that achieves the perfect put together look while being effortless, and I’m happy to say that it is here to stay.

Next, I have on a pair of classic cut-offs, and trust me when I say, a good pair of denim cut-offs will get you very far in your fashionable life. They literally go with anything, but you probably already knew that.

Lastly, accessories are most definitely a way to dress up a minimal outfit. And as you all know by now, I am a sucker for sticking to that minimalistic style. A choker goes a long way when wearing an off-the-shoulder top because it accentuates your lovely collarbones (flaunt what you got!) and fills in some of that negative space at your neck. Here, I wore a bolo tie choker to give the look a bit more depth and character. Along with the choker, I tied up my lacey sandals and called it a day.

Now that I shared these summer trends with you, I’m looking forward to transitioning these pieces for the fall. Because what good are clothes if you can’t wear them all the time. And that’s a wrap on me. Keep posted here and I’ll see you in the next one.