STYLE GURU STYLE: Cashmere Delight

April 4th, 2017 at 2:00am

This look is something you’d see me in sporting around campus. It seems like every girl I see walking to class has some kind of a vest on. Usually, I don’t like following the crowd and try to stay away from more of the basic trends on campus, but this trend is one I couldn’t resist.

Vests are a huge staple item in my closet during the colder months. I love this two-tone heathered one. Having vests makes it super easy to layer, and looks effortless. This one provides a lot of warmth without the annoying bulk that most warm vests have, which I feel is perfect as we begin to transition into the spring season. I also love the comfort it gives when I walk to and from my classes.

I went ahead and paired it over a long-sleeved green sweater and ripped black jeans. I like the way the rips in the jeans mirror the distressed look of the vest and overall think the dark green color of the sweater pairs nicely with the other dark colors in the outfit.

The short boots I’m wearing are surprisingly comfortable when I’m walking to and from class, and they keep my feet warm when it’s colder out. I think they look best when I cuff my jeans above them, which I did in these photos.

I’m usually not a hat person, but this hat fits me in all the right places. I like that it’s a neutral cream color because it makes it easier for me to pair with other outfits. Not only that, but I snagged it for pretty cheap at Forever 21, and I love how it compliments and contrasts the olive green cashmere sweater in this look I created.