STYLE GURU STYLE: Bust(ier) a Move

This week, the cold weather hit Kent, Ohio hard and has left Kent State University students online shopping for chunky sweaters and winter boots. As long as I can remember my closet has always consisted of a majority of summer clothes, which is ironic considering I have always lived in the northern United States. This year, instead of packing away my summer and fall clothes to hibernate through the winter in boxes in my basement; I kept them hanging. Against my dad’s warning that I don’t have room at school or don’t really need them, I somehow squeezed all summer and winter clothes into my dorm room closet.

At the beginning of the summer, I bought the black jumpsuit I have on and it was perfect for more dressy events throughout the summer as it has a sweetheart cut structured bustier top which keeps the jumpsuit cool for summer weather. The pant of the jumpsuit is loose, so together the jumpsuit really is the perfect summer outfit. But I love wearing it too much to part with it for the five month long winter that seems to unfailingly hit Kent every year. So my new solution for all summer clothes is to layer. I put my jumpsuit overtop a long sleeve shirt and then added a denim button-down shirt on top of the whole outfit. For shoes, I chose pink suede sock boots that added a slight pop of color in my otherwise neutral outfit.

My inspiration for this look came from the Balmain Fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection, which was filled with icy blues and structured pieces including the bustier. The layering in that collection made me reconsidering how I was layering the pieces in my own collection, or rather, closet. This winter is the perfect time to cozy up in a knit sweater, throw a tank top on top of your sweater and bust a move.