STYLE GURU STYLE: Bring Back An Old Style

Considering that it snowed here on the first day of spring, my spring fever was going to drive me crazy if I couldn’t break out my spring clothes. Since there is still snow on the ground, I would compromise and do my first official spring post on a Fashion Week trend. So hold in there Fashionistas/os—the warm weather is almost here!

With every new season comes new trends and saying goodbye to old ones. This spring season, it will be no different. When the spring fashion shows start, a fresh new look is presented. This season marked the start of bringing back a modern take on a retro trend.

You can see the reworking and inspiration drawn by past trends in the clothes showcased in ace&jig‘s spring 2015 runway show. They are known for their dropped waistlines; widened pant legs and looser fitting clothes. They mixed in simple patterns and textures into all their outfits to create an all-over simple and chic look. They do tend to stick to a similar style of clothes in their most recent collections.  However, in this show, the color palette distinguishes itself from other collections. In this collection, they stuck with more neutral colors, where in the past they pulled in bright colors. This signifies the changing of the whole summer palette, which is going from bright colors to a more layer back neutral tone.

What is great about this trend is that it is so easy to incorporate into an everyday look. I had a beige maxi skirt that I had in the back of my closet which was inspired by the lower waistline. I paired this with a long sleeve striped shirt. This added pattern and a little bit of texture to the whole look. For shoes, I paired it with dark green backless shoes. This added edge and more texture to the overall look.

This reflects me so well because I usually tend to gravitate towards looser-fitting clothes. Usually I’m pretty active, and wearing tight clothes that I can’t move in isn’t practical. Still, I cannot base a whole look around practicality—balance is essential.

Get My Look: 1. A maxi skirt. 2. A long sleeve striped shirt. 3. Some interesting shoes.