Wearing black this season is possible thanks to Vera Wang‘s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Vera Wang is your go-to designer guru for dressing in black during a season dedicated to pastels and bright pieces. Wang goes against all color and cliché spring wear by sticking to her “boyish boudoir and baby bohemian” aesthetic in her collection. Her pieces give Fashionistas a tough demeanour while still looking chic in mini black dresses and black babydoll tops. This week’s STYLE GURU STYLE shows how an LBD can go a long way no matter the season.

As a Fashionista who loves wearing black, this collection perfectly parallels my style and inspires me to be different. Black is a tough color, and my focus is to dress in spring trends while still keeping the theme of Wang’s collection alive in my outfit. I found a balance by wearing a vintage black slip dress paired with a black kimono. Kimonos define spring fashion, and wearing one with my dress makes my look appropriate for the season.

My black boots revisit the boyish boudoir Wang represents in her collection. I chose these boots because of their comfort and casual feel. Wang’s collection focuses more on the appeal of the outfit rather than accessories, but here I channel my inner college student by accessorizing for class with a black leather backpack.

Spring has often been stereotyped as a season of color, and now it doesn’t have to be. Break this conventional image with a black spring!

Get My Look: 1. A black kimono. 2. A vintage black slip dress. 3. A black leather backpack.