STYLE GURU STYLE: Black on Black on Black

While perusing I came across this look by Bottega Veneta. My first thought was, “Yes! Black! My favorite color!” Then I thought to myself how I could easily transfer this look to my everyday wardrobe! Wearing all-black is something that can work during the day or night. Preferably, I like to wear all-black at nighttime with a pop of red lipstick to attempt to give myself that mysterious vibe.

While this particular runway look may not work for everyday wear at school, it’s definitely easy to recreate with the clothes you already have in your closet. When taking inspiration from this look I chose to pair this graphic T-shirt with this black kilt I bought from Forever 21. Instead of tucking the shirt in, I knotted it on the side to give the look more dimension. I’m so in love with this kilt because not only does it give off that school girl vibe when paired with over the knee socks but it’s also super comfortable.

One of my favorite parts about this outfit is the socks. They just amp up the whole look! Am I right?! These specific socks are from Forever 21 as well and were super affordable. If you aren’t sure if you’re the kind of person that would like the over-the-knee sock trend then I would recommend getting a cheap pair to try it out. This T-shirt is also from Forever 21 (wow, maybe I have an addiction?) and it adds a little bit of cheekiness to the ensemble because it says, “THIS IS MY HOLY SHIRT” and it has holes in it! I always look for cool and different pieces like this to give my outfits an oomph.

I added on my beloved cutout booties for an extra fashion factor and threw on a faux leather jacket over my shoulders in case it gets cold. Like I said, black is my favorite color but can sometimes just look dreary if you do it the wrong way. Putting together a monochrome outfit is the most chic when you pair different types of pieces together that are visually interesting. Follow that advice and it’ll be hard to go wrong.

Get My Look: 1. Black cutout booties. 2. Over-the-knee socks. 3. Black graphic T-shirt.