I have always been a strong advocator for self-expression especially, when it comes to fashion. I’ve seen that many people hold back on wearing something they truly love because they have too many “what ifs” in their head. “What if people judge me for it”, “what if I’m the only one wearing this color”, “what if this is completely off trend”, “what if this is too out-there” … ENOUGH ALREADY. Put all “fashion rules” aside—If you radiate confidence behind any look you wear, I believe that you can pull it off. And if anyone tries to sting your spirit, tell them to buzz off.

Fashion is a very individual thing that can reflect your personality and interests. The look I’m wearing I’ve centered around this vintage bee skirt. Did you know that since the 1990s, beekeepers around the world have observed the mysterious and sudden disappearance of bees? The bee population is declining at an alarming rate due to bee-killing pesticides. Bees are responsible for every one in three bites of food you eat and pollinate about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition. “Save the Bees” is a cause that I am extremely passionate about and a great thing about fashion is that it’s a conversation starter. Today someone complimented me on the skirt and it created an outlet on how to inform her about the cause and actions she can take. In case you’re curious, a strong start to restore and protect the world’s bees are to: ban the seven most dangerous pesticides, protect pollinator heath by preserving wild habitat, and restore ecological agriculture.

If you want to cop this look, I have the hookup. J. Crew started a line called Garments for Good where the proceeds go towards helping wildlife trust. You can get apparel to support the bees, whales and even elephants. To style it, I paired it with an off-the-shoulder top and this fabulous silk scarf I got at the thrift store. And if you know me, I wouldn’t flinch before throwing on my trusty Doc Martens.

Remember to wear your stripes and flaunt whatever makes you feel good. Mix patterns, wear that outrageous coat, clash colors, dye your hair a crazy color, start a new trend! But most importantly, save the bees.