Scrunchies Are the '80s Trend We're Still Loving in 2018


From Madonna and the ladies of Saved by The Bell (all style icons if you ask me) to Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, and the bins at Urban Outfitters, scrunchies have stood the test of time. Yes, that’s right: What was once known as the must-have hair accessory of the ’80s and ’90s has made its way to 2018. Whether you sport the scrunchie in your high ponytail or on your wrist, this amped up hair tie is the perfect way to add some vintage flair to any look. To spread the love of my favorite throwback hair accessory, I rounded up all the ways the CF community is taking a modern twist on this vintage trend. Ahead, here’s how to wear this old-school piece in 2018 (and hopefully beyond).

ponytail scrunchies
PHOTO: Madison Amland, University of Minnesota

Add Some Velvet Texture to Your Everyday Ponytail

The ponytail is by far the most quintessential hairstyle to ever exist, and definitely a favorite during the heat and humidity of summer. Update this classic no-fuss look by simply swapping out your basic elastic hair tie for a velvet scrunchie. Not only will it perk up your ponytail, but it will add a little bit of texture, too.

printed scrunchies
PHOTO: Gisele Smith, College Fashionista alum

Introduce Patterns and Prints to Your Go-To Hairdo

Another classic, the half-up, half-down hairstyle is the best of both worlds­, allowing you to keep your tresses up and out of your face while still getting to let your hair down. To add even more visual appeal to this playful look, opt for a patterned scrunchie. The printed hair accessory is also a great way to ease into mixing prints­ by pairing your scrunchie with your favorite patterned shirts.

flowers and scrunchies
PHOTO: Sarah Gargano, Oberlin College

Tuck In Some Flowers For A Garden-Inspired Look

Remember flower crowns, the bygone trend of Coachellas past? Well, we’re trading in one floral fad for another with this scrunchie-inspired look. Simply tuck your favorite flowers, either freshly picked or straight from the craft store, into a scrunchie-tied ponytail. It’s a new take on a boho-look we love with a subtle vintage touch.

How to Wear a Scrunchie
PHOTO: Madison Amland, University of Minnesota

Repurpose Your Scrunchie As Arm Candy

Trade in your wrist of plain elastic hair ties for a colorful, textured scrunchie, instead. Not only is it more comfortable than a tight elastic, but it’s sure to evoke some serious ’80s vibes and stand out as an accessory of its own. Plus, who doesn’t love multi-purpose arm candy that can be a look on either your wrist or up in your locks?

beach scrunchies
PHOTO: Chloe Felopulos, Fordham University

Create The Perfect Beach Day Hairstyle

While some live by the motto, “sandy hair, don’t care,” others know the struggle of trying to wrangle in your tresses after a day of sun and salt water.  Instantly perfect your beach day hairstyle by pulling back your hair with a seersucker scrunchie. The stretchy fabric is less likely to tangle your strands than a traditional hair tie while also adding a trendy twist to your beachside hairdo.

topknot scrunchies
PHOTO: Giovanna Osterman, The New School

Amplify Your Topknot

The topknot is a favorite when it comes to quick and easy summer hairstyles, but if you’re looking for ways to revamp this updo, adding a scrunchie is a simple solution. With different, textures, colors, prints, and a little extra volume, scrunchies are sure to make your topknot pop.

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Opening image by Kally Cera.