Spring has unfortunately brought me rain and allergies, but also the promising sign of sunshine and flowers. With the warm weather, newly bloomed plants, and summer approaching, I have been more than excited to bring out my favorite skirts and short sleeves from out of the back of my closet.

Although I wish I was able to spend my weekend basking in the desert heat and dancing along to some of the best music at Coachella, I instead was still able to rock some of my favorite basic festival pieces while spending time with friends. Desperately trying to channel Coachella vibes through some of my outfits this weekend is the closest I’ll get to actually being in Palm Springs right now, so I’ve chosen to enjoy the sun and make what’s best of it here in Chicago.

I decided to take advantage of the sun being out by pairing a black, denim skirt with a black bodysuit, both pieces that are trending this summer and festival season. I wore a bomber to keep the outfit casual, and also put on a pair of black, heeled booties to finish off the all-black outfit. To accessorize, I layered a dainty choker with two silver necklaces, keeping my look simple and cohesive. The smaller jewelry pieces are easy to pair, allowing for a low-maintenance yet dressier finish to my monochromatic outfit.

Even though I was not able to literally transport Coachella to Chicago (or teleport myself there), my simple look helped to bring out some of the most easy, trending, clothing for festival season right here to where I am. With styles so casual, it may seem effortless to pair clothing pieces that are fit for a music festival in our everyday lives too.