STYLE GURU STYLE: Back to School

STYLE GURU STYLE: Back to School

Hello my fellow Fashionistas, I know some of us are just now getting out of the holiday break from school spirit, and I can be the first to say I am not ready to go back! I got so used to not getting dressed in the mornings and sleeping in with no worries. Since we have to go back, why not go back in style?

If you are like me you definitely like bold statement clothes, things that make you stand out. First impressions are everything and what better way to show off your bold and bright style than the first day back to school. So with this look, I decided to wear a short sleeved black and white striped shirt and paired it with a corduroy mini skirt. And I also decided to pair it with black opened toe heels. Now I know wearing heels to school can be somewhat of a cliché and tab bit dangerous, but why not start off the year with a bang and show off your style?

First day back to school can seem to always be stressful and little overwhelming.
Getting dressed up for a class could be on the last of your list. I personally think that when you dress up you feel more confident to start your day off fresh and positive. It allows you to make an impression and sometimes be taken more seriously. I hope that everyone has a great spring semester and remember to always stay true to your inner Fashionista!

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