The H&M fall 2015 ready-to-wear line incorporated a lot of jackets into rather simple looks. Once adding these jackets with various eye-catching prints, it transformed the look into something quite unique. I absolutely love jackets. Aside from keeping you warm, jackets are what add that extra flare to a look you feel isn’t complete. Out of all the outfits, I love the bomber jacket the most. The bomber jacket has a way of making a look eloquent, yet very down to earth. The bomber jacket isn’t really a “new” trend, but it definitely is a closet staple. The best way to complement the colors and prints in your jacket is to go off of what will accentuate it and make it pop.

I love bright colors and different prints. I paired this look with a light pink camisole which happened to match the pink that was in the jacket. I didn’t want to add too much and make the look complicated since the jacket already had a lot going on. With this in mind, I aimed to keep it simple and decided to wear all black to complement it. I topped it off with short all black combat boots and my staple Juicy Couture chunk chain necklace and a bow Pandora ring. Altogether, this look stood out and was something different. Since I was wearing black with the jacket, the blue that was in the pattern was able to pop.

Get My Look: 1. Patterned bomber jacket. 2. Combat boots. 3. Classic cami. 4. Black jeans.