STYLE GURU STYLE: Athleisure Is The New Black

The word athleisure is not just a new, creative, cool-sounding word that was recently added to the dictionary. It’s a movement. The athleisure movement is one that proves that you do not have to be an athlete or involved with an athletic event to wear the sporty clothing. Also, you can be comfortable when you do wear it which can be all day, any day. This trend is taking over the fashion world and dominating the runways and street style on a global level. With inspiration from Chanel’s spring 2014 couture collection, I am wearing a black Victoria’s Secret hoodie, a black satin bomber jacket, gray knit joggers, black Nike Roshe One athletic shoes and carrying a black and white canvas backpack from Victoria’s Secret. The athletic flair stems from the hoodie and athletic shoes, while the leisure side of the outfit stems from the joggers and also the athletic shoes. I added the satin bomber and bag for style purposes. In Chanel’s collection, all of the outfits, no matter how dressed up or dressed down, were worn with athletic shoes.

There are so many different ways to wear athleisure. Simply put, you just have to wear one or more garments considered athletic wear mixed with any comfortable leisure clothing or even simpler, just wear your athletic wear outside of an athletic setting.

With the rise of this trend, there has been a rise of athleisure options available. Activewear brands such as Ivy Park, Lou and Grey and Kit and Ace are devoted specifically to athleisure. The reason being is that while the clothing appears to be sporty, it is more common to wear them as day-to-day clothing due to the fact that not all of the clothes are necessarily durable for intense activity and have moisture absorbing capabilities, making them almost impossible to actually be considered “gym-appropriate.”

Athleisure brings a whole new perspective to the fashion world.  It challenges you to bring out the style and femininity that can stem from athletic clothing. The athleisure look is very versatile and the trend can be worn however you want to wear it. I think that the reason that so many are jumping on board with this trend is because you truly make it your own and there is not an exact way to wear or style it. Athleisure is the new black. It is the new go-to style. By emulating comfort and creativity with athletic wear, athleisure is transcending through the fashion world, getting one step closer to making what is trendy more and more comfy as we go.

Get My Look: 1. Black satin bomber. 2. Joggers. 3. Athletic shoes.