STYLE GURU STYLE: An Ode to the East and West

STYLE GURU STYLE: An Ode to the East and West

Winter in Los Angeles: now those are some words that you don’t always correlate with each other. Despite having sunshine for the majority of the time, believe it or not there are some cold winds on occasion. It is because we are so used to the endless heat that Southern California has, for the most part, mastered the summer wardrobe. Do not get me wrong though, when it comes to those one percent days when the sun doesn’t shine, we also have our own style.

When it comes to summer or spring, most of my wardrobe is mostly style rather than practicality. This is not something you can do in the winter for a long time, so some of the ways you can keep warm while still looking your best are wardrobe staples are coats, boots and a cute sweater.

My inspiration for the winter is mostly a mixture of west and east fashion. From one part, I love the West Coast’s color and fluidity that fill the sidewalks. From dresses to skirts, everything just seems to flow from one end to the other. From the East Coast, I also love the structured looks and the minimalism that exudes from the east.

This suede coat, that will surely become my staple for this winter, combines this exact combination. The unique fabric and color are an ode to my West Coast origins, but still maintains the structure from the dream East Coast. Paired with some of my many boots that I don’t get to wear often, I matched this coat with a flowy sweater that I got from one of my favorite stores: my older sibling’s closet.

In the end, I think it is possible to adapt to different styles in one look. After all, we are all inspired by different things and interests and it is important to display those along with our past.