STYLE GURU STYLE: A Retro Look For The Books

March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

When I think about minimalism in the ’60s, I see a black and white image of a young Gloria Steinem in wide-rimmed glasses or a willowy Jane Birkin in white flared pants with blunt bangs.

The straight, loosely fitted garments of the Steven Alan fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection rehashed the understated mystery of ’60s minimalism. The scheme consisted mainly of dark, muted neutrals with the occasional infusion of rustic earth tones. The models looked like collegiate academics with round-rimmed glasses, tousled ponytails and minimal makeup.

Inspired by the clean combinations of basic silhouettes that formed this smart aesthetic, I put together my own rendition of retro, academic style. I based my outfit loosely off the final look of the collection. I admired how the wool coat, infused with a mustard yellow- and navy blue plaid print, livened the matching turtleneck and culottes. However, instead of wearing a heavy coat with a dim yellow hue, I opted for a lightweight, cream yellow jacket that was more adaptable for a springtime ensemble.

Because the eyewear made the Steven Alan show stand out among others, I could not resist topping off my ensemble without some fun lenses. But instead of wearing tortoise-shell reading specs, I wore a pair of sunglasses with royal blue and white frames. They may have had more of an eccentric vibe than the Steven Alan accessories, but I thought they were acceptable for the spring day spent in the sun!

Get My Look: 1. A pastel jacket. 2. A striped button-down blouse. 3. Leather loafers