STYLE GURU STYLE: A Girl Should Be Two Things

Chanel has always been classic, timeless and chic with its tweed and layered pearls. Coco Chanel did say that, “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” And even though she might not still be around to design the amazing collections, the Chanel runway shows are still to die for. The Chanel fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection in particular inspired me to add a little class to my look.

This show reverted back to the classic tweed and pearls, but in shades of pink with the occasional denim. There are many looks in this runway collection, but the classic Chanel look, mixed with a little denim, drew my eye.

For my look, I paired a flowy blush pink tank with a denim vest, a tweed moto jacket and jeans. The pale pink combined with denim in the Chanel collection fascinated me. The softness of the pink plays so well with the hardness of the denim. With my tweed moto jacket on top, it pulls the whole combination together. My jacket incorporates pink in the design, which is where my pink tank comes in, but it also is cut like a moto jacket, which plays with the hardness of the denim.

On the bottom, my blown-out jeans are just casual enough to balance out the classic layers of pearls and tweet jacket because of the ripped knees and cuffed bottoms. To keep the look looking simple yet elegant, due to the casual jeans, I added my velvet slip-ons with chain detail to match the chain of my vintage Chanel bag.

To accessorize, I added layers of pearls, inspired by the timeless Chanel look, and my vintage Chanel flap bag. You can’t be inspired by Chanel and not wear a Chanel bag. On my arm, I also layered my vintage Gucci watch, Cartier bangles, Hermes bracelet and pearl bracelet to accent the traditional tweed and pearls combination.

Get My Look: 1. Blown-out jeans. 2. Layered pearls. 3. Tweed jacket.