STYLE GURU STYLE: '70s Revival

Trends are so intriguing to me. For example, when I think back to my elementary school years, I recall the whole entire world being obsessed with gauchos. Now, when we all look back to our formers selves, most of us shudder at the tragic thought. If you actually think about it however, gauchos are nothing but cotton culottes, and culottes are all the rage right now. One of my favorite parts about fashion is that it is constantly reinventing itself. I mean, if Birkenstocks can make a comeback, anything can happen, right?

In the fashion world today, one thing that is making its epic comeback is denim. Now, denim has always been around in the form of your favorite jeans. But, now the obsession with the ’70s is everywhere. From denim skirts to full on denim dresses, these days you can make just about any clothing item with denim and it works.

Even the head honchos of fashion are taking a cue to this ’70s throwback. In their spring 2016 show, Chloé used denim in many different ways by creating dresses, skirts, shorts, and two piece sets. Chloé was incredibly successful in predicting a trend that is so popular today.

For my look, I decided to go with a denim piece that has been tearing up all the street style blogs, which is the button down denim skirt. It is an updated version of the cut off denim skirt most of us rocked in the early 2000s, and it can be paired with almost anything and it gives the outfit an automatic trendy boost.

I paired the skirt with my favorite adidas bro tank to add a sporty flair to the look. Adidas is also a hot brand right now so I wanted to dabble in all of the hype. Luckily, I was satisfied with my purchase. In the shoe department, I just wore a pair of sandal kitten heels because they are my favorite shoes and they add a stylish touch to every outfit.

While trends at times can seem spur of the moment, they are such a beautiful thing. A trend captures a moment in time. For example, this denim skirt is a huge homage to the ’70s. It is incredible to me how clothing can mark an era and how we can still be so inspired by them to this day.

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