Hi, all Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Zoda Carey, I am a junior and a proud Seminole at Florida State University studying public relations. GO NOLES! It is a new year, and I know we are all trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions and do away with last year’s bad habits. Whatever your resolutions may be, 2017 is a fresh start for everyone, new semester, new opportunities, and even new fashions! This is my third semester with College Fashionista and the journey has been amazing. I have learned many tips and tricks of the industry and have had a constant motivation to experiment with different looks.

As my college experience zooms by and “the real-world” starts to become too close for comfort, I catch myself doing more self-reflecting on the person I would like to be. Fashion and style have become another form of self-expression for me, allowing me to experiment as I go through different phases of personal growth.

Like every Fashionista/o, my style is a living idea that changes depending on the day. Weather is an important factor too, but when I am in South Florida, that is not much of a problem. When I am away at school in North Florida, that is definitely a deciding factor.

Right now, I love taking super trendy items and adding my own personal flavor to it. I recently got a sewing machine and I just love customizing outfits. Plus, with CollegeFashionista there are trendy inspirations and DIYs everywhere!

With this look, I decided to keep it very simple. I am obsessed with the two-toned denim trend and I cannot get over the toned details on these H&M pants. I love all my tattoos and picked an off-the-shoulder black bodysuit to show one of them off. These pants give off serious ’70s vibes, so I decided to pair it with my black leather ankle boots.

I am usually rocking a short curly afro, but I like experimenting with different hairstyles and these long faux locks are one of my favorite; they are a great touch to my look. A silver choker ties my outfit together, making it a bit less casual and more me.

I am looking forward to all 2017 has to offer and I hope everyone enjoys the ride with me!