Welcome back Fashionistas/os to another fall semester! Style Guru Yara here from literally all around the world. Born and raised in California and then moving to Lebanon (the Middle East) and now to the Big Apple (New York City), one could definitely say I learned a thing or two about fashion in cultures all around the world, especially when it comes to what could be considered as fashion dos and don’ts. Currently I am undertaking the Master of Science in global affairs at the New York University. One might ask what my major has to do with fashion and style; however, I would like to think that those two components are quite necessary even when planning to “Run the World”. What better way to express one’s self and character?

When it comes to my personal taste, I do not stick to one palette but rather base my outfits on a variety of factors. Mainly, three things come to my mind when trying to put something together: weather, occasion, and, rather dominantly, my current mood. However, considering I am back and forth between university and internships or work all the time, I find myself most comfortable in a chic business look which can be toned down to a more university style by swapping the heels for flats. Also, I tend to wear a dressy outfit that is made more work appropriate by swinging a blazer on top of it, which can easily be removed for a fun night out. All in all, I try to make my outfits so practical that a few alterations here and there, like switching shoes or removing a jacket, make them ready for any occasion at any time. That way, if I do not have time to go back home and change at least I know I would not be rushing and struggling to get from place to place.

With regards to this look, as with a variety of my looks, I tend to run to my Steve Madden pumps and Zara blazer either topping the look off with some accessories or as is this case a nice designer purse. Always make sure to be comfortable though! You would not want to go home at the end of the day with aching legs!

As I always say, beauty is sacrifice and sacrifice is beauty. A moderate amount of will with a ton of inspiration can make the simplest outfits stand out!

Remember Fashionistas/os: Always classy, never trashy, maybe just a little sassy!

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Lots and lots of #StyleGuruLove!