Hi! I am a Chinese girl studying digital media at King’s College London. I love this city where the streets are always busy, and the old and new styles merge so well—though the weather is not always good.

Fashion is the word of every girl’s dream, even when we didn’t know the word yet. We began our journey with mum’s lipsticks and huge high-heeled shoes. For me, fashion is to look pretty and be pretty in my own way. I love clothes with simple color, but special in tailor method. It looks easy, but feels so different. I like to mix things up because others don’t do so. The strange feeling appeals to me quite well. It is not possible to satisfy everyone of course, so why not just satisfy myself.

Fashion is constantly changing and going back like a circle all the time. So I believe the best way is not to chase after fashion elements, but be a unique one and find the true beauty in yourself, then you might lead the fashion.

In this look, I put on a striped shirt with long sleeves, a pair of black knee-high boots, a wool coat, and “dad’s baggy shorts”! I’m in London, so you see the weather.

I know it’s a bit strange, but I like it being strange. To get other posts from me, just check my social media pages.