STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Mason

My name is Victoria Mason and I am a junior studying Event Management at Florida International University in sunny Florida. Coming from a small, suburban town, I jump started my desire to be in the fashion/events industry when I made the big move to the fast-paced city of Miami for college. This city has so much to offer and as a first time Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, I’m thrilled to be able to share all my fashion adventures with you all.

When I think of my style, I think it’s a direct reflection of city life: fast, comfortable and photo ready! I love wearing clothes that can keep me comfortable throughout an entire day of running errands, but still allows me to look trendy and presentable for any random event that may pop up on my schedule. For me, my fashion is all about expressing my inner wild child in my day to day attire because I’m all about pushing the envelope and incorporating over-the-top pieces into my everyday wardrobe. This outfit in particular is a combination of a little black dress, combat boots and bright crossbody purse, all topped off with a thrifted jacket. It’s edgy and fierce but still wearable and comfortable for anything the day may bring.

I’m ecstatic to have been given this opportunity to report on all the hip and happening Fashionistas/os at FIU as well as in the Miami area. CollegeFashionista is providing us Style Gurus with the opportunity of a lifetime that I most certainly won’t forget it. I really hope that I bring as much to the table as past Style Gurus and hope to set a new standard before this spring 2015 internship ends. So with that being said, watch out FIU, there’s a new Style Guru on campus who’s ready to snap photos of your style expertise and showcase it to the world.