STYLE GURU BIO: Tyla Swinehart

For someone who has always been interested in creative writing and the human psyche, it’s a wonder why I have constantly shied away from penning a dedicated bio. I was an avid reader and writer back in high school, but in my two years of attending Baker College, my focuses have shifted. I was never sure what I wanted my future to hold, yet being forced to outline my entire life as a senior in high school meant I’d eventually change my concentration—twice. Though, I am quite positive I will stick with my current goal of obtaining a Bachelors of business administration. When not doing classwork, I find myself spending most of my time shopping, adventuring around my town, or earning trophies playing video games.

I am a newfound lover of coffee—preferably vanilla iced with three creams and sugars. I love baking and am always trying to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe. When not trying out new recipes, I like to try out new video games. Fallout is my favorite video game series by far, but I’ll give any story-based game a shot. I live for sweet talking people and finding adventure in any situation. I try to be funny in every instance, but if you won’t laugh at my joke, I’ll tell it again and wait for you to. While my taste in music varies, I’m always in the mood for classic rock. However, I can listen to almost anything—from Bring me the Horizon to Lana Del Rey, and even the occasionally often Hannah Montana. My time in marching band also gave me a love for classical music. The ’60s era and Nirvana are deeply engrained into my heart, and play a large role in my personality and style.

My style is either casual girly, or casual whatever I can find that is comfy and cute. I can be found wearing Victoria’s Secret PINK, various band shirts, or apparel that shows off my love for certain television shows or video games. The only bottoms I’m typically seen in are yoga pants or leggings, with the occasional opt out being shorts with tights. I strive to be comfy, yet still presentable. I always add a pop of color or print to my outfits. Leopard print always excites me, and has had a home in my heart since The Cheetah Girls. My mother always mentions how I never let her dress me up cute and girly when I was a young child. I take great pride in my makeup and hair style (on most days) now, yet my clothing style is not the “typical” fashionable look. I’m eager to pick up some style ideas from my fellow Style Gurus, while giving that to others as well.

I’m excited to see what my first semester interning with CollegeFashionista holds for me this fall! I cannot wait to get to know new and different individuals, while also expanding my comfort zone and creative skills.