3 Ways to Wear Fishnets Like a Boss This Fall

October 10th, 2017 at 2:00am

Fishnets have been a revolving trend in fashion for years, especially in the ’70s and ’90s. They were an essential staple in both the punk rock world of the ’70s and the ’90s grunge movement. Now, in 2017, the fishnet trend is back with a force and should be in your closet this fall. Here are some tips on how you can wear fishnets like a boss.

wear them as tights

The easiest way you can style this look is to wear fishnet tights. Instead of wearing traditional solid black tights, switch up your look and wear some fishnet tights instead. You can also wear your tights with sneakers for a chic and casual look for school. For an edgier look, pair your tights with a cute denim skirt and boots. If you’re really experimental, pair your fishnet tights with some heels.


PHOTO: Madison Paloski

layer your fishnets

The most popular way to style this trend is by layering. Fishnet tights layered under ripped jeans look so fierce. You can also layer your fishnets with a fishnet top poking out of your sweater or a long-sleeved top. In addition to fishnet tops, high-waisted fishnets can be layered over your T-shirt or your midriff area. Don’t be afraid to really push your style boundaries here!

stick to the roots

Since the fishnet trend has made a comeback from both the ’70s and the ’90s, you might find it difficult to make the style look relevant. If you’re having trouble modernizing this trend, take some inspiration from the past and style your fishnets with a ’70s-inspired graphic T-shirt or some ’90s grunge flannel. You can take your style inspiration a step further by adding a choker, another ’90s trend that has recently made a comeback as well.

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Featured photo by Madison Poloski.