3 Must-See Documentaries for All Fashion Enthusiasts

3 Must-See Documentaries for All Fashion Enthusiasts

It’s 10 p.m on a Thursday. You’ve had a full day of classes, a mediocre dinner at the dining hall, and your homework is finished. You’re so tired that your mascara practically meets your lipstick. You are ready to unwind for the night.

Now, you are perfectly situated, wearing a comfy nightshirt with your computer in front of you and a glass of wine within reach. However, you cannot completely relax until you decide on what to watch—a movie? Another episode of Friends? Do you dare start another binge? Next time it seems like there is nothing to watch, check out these fabulous fashion documentaries!

The Battle of Versailles

If you’re a history buff and a fashion fanatic, you need to watch this film. The film portrays the fashion historic event in 1973, held at the Versailles Palace, in which five top French designers faced five top American designers in a fashion show extravaganza. The Americans stole the show with their unique modern designs and diverse models. The victory put American fashion in the spotlight and changed the industry as we know it today.

Watch The Battle of Versailles on M2M TV, an online fashion video network.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

The September Issue

If Vogue is basically your bible and you haven’t seen this documentary, what are you waiting for? The film features an inside look at the production of the 2007 September Issue of Vogue. It follows Anna Wintour, her staff, and other major fashion figures. It illustrates real life in the fashion industry, working for Wintour, and producing one of the most renowned publications in the industry.

Watch The September Issue on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer

If you need some motivation and excitement, watch this inspiring documentary about Jeremy Scott, a tenacious Midwesterner who emerged from a farm boy to the creative director of Moschino. The film takes you through his journey as a designer and creative director, with his fun pop culture-inspired designs. It highlights every aspect of his career, starting with the sketching of his designs until they’re on the runway. It even captures the production of a fashion show, from selecting the models, to the music that plays during the show.

Watch Jeremy Scott: the People’s Designer on Netflix.

Which one of these documentaries do you like best? Do you have another favorite fashion film?  Let us know in the comments below! 

Featured photo by Layne Miller.