STYLE GURU BIO: Taisha Stewart

June 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello CollegeFashionista/os! My name is Taisha Stewart and I am just ending my third year at Philadelphia University. I am pursuing a major in fashion merchandising and management with a minor in photography. Already, I wish I had applied for this internship a long time ago because it seems so exciting and cool to see your work as a piece of a community of very fashionable people worldwide. I am very excited to become apart of this community this semester and hopefully continue throughout my last two semesters of college.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to do something dealing with fashion, as I was a little Style Guru from the start. I was always telling my mom all the clothes I wanted and how I wanted to wear them while we were in the stores shopping. I would pick out my clothes for school every night and tell my mom how I wanted my hair to look. I was a pure drama queen, but very fashionable.

When it comes to describing myself, I always start off by telling people I am all over the place, yet it all relates back to the fashion world. I have a great passion for creating things. I love to take photographs, sew, crochet and knit, and all the DIY projects in-between that allow you to be creative and make beautiful designs. However, I love having that business knowledge behind it all, knowing that I will have the capabilities of owning my own successful business to either sell my creations or teach others how to create them (I’m still undecided). I also am a passionate violinist of 16 years which I definitely believe has contributed to my structured yet peaceful and calm demeanor.

When it comes to my personal style, I too believe I am very versatile. I recently realized that I am influenced by the trends, but there is always some kind of edge to my outfits that scream Taisha! I may not hop right on trend as soon as it comes off of the runway nor do I stop following a certain trend I liked that sort of faded in the dust. If that particular trend appeals to my style then I’ll engage in it for as long as I feel; the only requirements of the trend is that it should enhance my outfits and make a statement.

For this particular look, I paired denim on denim with a pop of color in excitement of this great weather we are finally getting and a grey duster cardigan just to pull it all in. My patchwork jeans are my newest closet addition and my sleeveless denim shirtdress is a must in my closet that I wear in many different ways.

I hope you all will enjoy my posts this semester as I am excited to find people who are very much like me: trendy with a dash of edge and not afraid to make a statement!