STYLE GURU BIO: Susana Galindo

Allow me to re-introduce myself; my name is Susana Galindo, and this is my third and last semester as a Style Guru as I will graduate this December. I’m studying public relations at Georgia State University and someday hope to be my own version of Kelly Cutrone (shout out to all The Hills fans out there).

As a working college student, I’m constantly struggling to buy all the clothes, shoes and accessories I want (need). I manage to fit shopping in my budget more often that I truly should, but I never seem to regret my purchases. I have learned to invest in quality staple pieces that are essential to any wardrobe such as this black dress. Once you get yourself some of those necessary staple pieces, it’s very easy to build on them to make a great outfit. In this case, I kept it simple by layering it with a tan jacket and statement necklace along with white sneakers and sunglasses .

In one of my previous bios, I mentioned that I couldn’t classify my style into one particular category. I still hold that to be true, but as I’m being exposed to more professional settings in my work life, I have become interested in finding ways to make business casual or dull office clothes more stylish. I’ve learned to like the clean, professional style while still wanting to wear all types of different things when I’m not working. While you can catch me dressed in a broad range of styles, one thing will ALWAYS be consistent, and that is that I will have a different lipstick on every day.