If I told you this outfit was inspired by a gender-queer east German singer, a cabaret singer and David Bowie would you believe me?

It has come to my attention that nearly every outfit I wear is inspired by some character, persona or show I’ve seen. As a theater major at Temple University with hopes of becoming a costume designer, I can’t help but find inspiration in the plethora of shows I am exposed to.

In this look, I channel three musicals: Hedwig and the Angry InchCabaret, and Lazarus. But at first glance you wouldn’t know, would you? My vintage, faux fur coat reminds me of the gender-queer glam rock singer Hedwig Robinson, who cracks a joke on the pelt she wears. The lavish Sally Bowles, star cabaret singer from Cabaret also wears a fur coat. In addition to the coat, my green nail polish represents Sally who enjoys donning a “perfectly marvelous” shade of green polish. Her unique style and mindset in 1930s Berlin inspires me to dress and think as uniquely in 2016s United States.

Finally, the overall “space vibe” of the look is inspired by David Bowie and his new musical Lazarus, which is tied to his alien movie, The Man Who Fell to Earth. The metallic boots, sparkling sweater and outer space jewelry pays homage to the otherworldly aura Bowie channels in his own life, his music, and his musical.

Of course, elements of this look are indeed “Sophia originals,” meaning they were not inspired by any direct source. Shorts with tights particularly leather shorts, are my year-round staple. And I almost always have a multitude of rings or necklaces on, depending on my mood.

As a child, I always wore costumes in public. They are still a part of my life, just in a more subtle way. Like Hedwig, Sally and David Bowie, I enjoy being a bit like someone else even just for the day. Adding theatrical elements to my own style makes it fun to pick out an outfit every day. It allows me to feel like I am wearing a costume without actually wearing a costume.

I owe it to these three people, not just for my style inspiration but for the peculiarly helpful life lessons they have given me. As the ever-ch-ch-ch-ch-changing David Bowie has said: “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”