STYLE GURU BIO: Sofia Rodriguez

Hello Fashionista/os! when I was younger I never really cared for fashion. My mom dressed me in the most ostentatious dresses that I will immediately ruin. Climbing the huge mango tree in my backyard was a higher priority to me than keeping my dress nice and pristine. It wasn’t till my sophomore year of high school that I became obsessed with everything that had to do with fashion. The spark to this new interest was a street fashion blog by a Londoner named Lily Melrose. A year later I discovered fashion photographer Mario Testino, who was the cherry on top: I was no longer obsessed with fashion, I was completely in love with it.

Now I am currently a junior at Florida State University majoring in Retail Merchandising and Product Development. Getting the opportunity to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista is hands down the highlight of my spring semester because it’s a combination of what I call “The Beautiful Trifecta”: fashion, photography and blogging; everything has come full circle.

My style is somewhere between monochromatic and grunge. I love everything black and white (mostly black). I also love band tees, combat boots, beanies and plaid shirts tied around the waist. Half my wardrobe is from thrift stores. It all started with the fact that I could never find oversized plaid shirts or high-waisted jeans in stores. Then when I started to acquire vintage band tees, one of a kind dresses, thrifting became a way of life.

I think that fashion is needed to express one’s identity. Fashion will reinvent itself according to the time, economic and social state of the world. Also, knowing that until the end of time fashion will be present, gives me this unreal feeling and urge to be a part of this movement of self-expression in the form of wearable art.