STYLE GURU BIO: Simone Wiley

Hey guys! I’m Simone, a fashion design student in Philadelphia. I am going into my sophomore year at Drexel University. It’s an understatement to say I am excited to learn more about my major. It is difficult to tell you all about myself in this bio but, I’ll try to stick to the essentials!

I suppose I inherited my love for fashion from my mother. To this day, she dresses for work as if she were going to sit front row at Gucci during New York Fashion Week. I have seen her pair unexpected colors and prints together and strut the streets of Philadelphia as if it were her runway. I know this is the world that I want to be a part of. This is the world that I want to leave my mark on.

With my style, there are two rules that I abide by at all times. The first is to always keep it simple no matter what occasion I find myself in. I find what works for me and stick to it. For me, I prefer a strict color palette for my wardrobe: navy, gray, black, white and sometimes green. Simple cuts and silhouettes flatter me the most. I try to stick to that level of minimalism as much as possible. There is always a touch of menswear in my ensembles.

I read a book some time ago titled, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel, where there was a set of “Chanel Rules.” One of them stated that it is always good to be slightly underdressed. That rule has remained with me for almost six years now. For instance, if there is an art opening that is labeled cocktail attire, you will most likely catch me in a black jumpsuit with no jewelry and a bare face rather than in a cocktail dress with floral print. I like to choose the unexpected route.

I take inspiration from an array of sources, from my monthly subscription for InStyle magazine to fall menswear or, even a playlist I made on a whim. There really is no limit for me. The more open people are with fashion, the better the results!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I am anxious to find that one Fashionista/o that stands out around campus. Though we are only submitting one article per month, I guarantee these will be top-notch findings! Thanks for stopping by!