STYLE GURU BIO: Simek Shropshire

January 9th, 2015 at 2:05am

My name is Simek Shropshire, and I’m an Art History and English double major who will be bringing you the latest trends from Fordham University. With New York City as my backdrop, I am excited to provide snapshots of fashionable Fordham students who incorporate big city fashions into their daily wear.

Rachel Zoe has defined style as, “A way to say who you are without having to speak.”  While I believe that Zoe has figuratively hit the nail on the head, style possesses a myriad of definitions. Style can mean that one religiously follows the trends outlined in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, or that he or she can pair a thrift store steal with a brand name item.  Style is nothing but a personal take on the latest fashions.

Growing up in a small town in Southern Virginia, it was often difficult for me to form my own style among a sea of cognac leather cowgirl boots.  Like every teenager, I went through my fashion phases—“trendy” in my Hollister Co. perfume, and “surfer girl” in my woven tank tops and distressed jeans. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school when I began to gain self-confidence—that is when my personal style really took off. Shifting from the seersucker patterns of East Coast prep to the rich florals of Free People bohemian, I experimented with trends to create a versatile style that was all my own. To this day, I still jump from ’90s grunge on one day to the minimalistic trends of New York City street style (think: The Sartorialist) on another. This is the beauty of personal style; it is ever-changing.

Over the next semester, I will feature young women and men who not only shine in their outward appearances, but who are bold enough to stand out from the crowd. Fordham students are multifaceted; on any typical day you can find a student tossing a football on the campus lawn and later find that same student adorning a vintage Brooks Brothers blazer in class. Look for my posts every Friday to check out noteworthy Fordham fashions!